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About the Authors

Gabriel Arevalo, 25, of Mesa, Arizona, and Carlos Rodriguez, 26, of Orlando, Florida are the co-authors of Rise of the Conquest a Sci-Fi, fantasy, action adventure book. They have been friends since they were kids, and attended the same middle and high schools in Orlando, Florida. They also enrolled in classes at Valencia College in Orlando together.

Both men consider themselves entrepreneurs. Even though they no longer live in the same city, they are running several online businesses together: a lead generation business for truck drivers, a candy machine business, and an e-commerce site.

They also have plans to work together to take their book series to new levels, eventually selling not only books, but a clothing line and accessories that were directly inspired by the storyline and characters.

Gabriel Arevalo was born in New York, and moved to Florida when he was six years old. His parents are both immigrants. His father is from Columbia and his mother is from Jamaica.
His hobbies include writing, playing soccer, video games, and traveling.

Carlos Rodriguez moved from Venezuela to America when he was six years old. In addition to writing, he enjoys playing the piano, watching anime, camping, hiking, snowboarding and spending time at the beach.

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